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Agile software for clinical trials

Clinical studies are traditionally about randomising patients into a suitably designed study using predetermined software. Today researchers are finding novel ways to conduct studies and need software that's flexible enough to keep up with them. Spiral’s agile approach to everything means we are able to deliver software, not just for traditionally designed clinical studies, but also for studies embracing novel design methods.

Why use Spinnaker?

  • It's a "one stop shop". ie. there is no need to randomise in one system and enter data in another.
  • It's easy to transfer patients from site to site within the system without any resupply issues.
  • It has a friendly and intuitive interface.
  • You can enter data from a tablet right at the bedside of the patients if you so wish.
  • You can see all of the daily data (depending on your role in the study) so it's easy to see if anything has been missed or doesn't make sense.
  • It's a fresh look at clinical trial software.
  • We can tailor the software to the needs of the trial and those working on it.
  • No matter how many patients, users or locations you have, Spinnaker keeps everything organised, works quickly and was designed to fit in with your busy day.


Centralised drug deployment and tracking

Manage the ordering, distribution and allocation of medication across multiple sites. The status of any treatment pack is available online in real-time.Powerful controls let you transfer and track medication between sites. You can even manage packs coming up to their expiry date. 





we don’t have to send study medication
with the patient if they are transferred ...
the software allows us to resupply from
the new location 



Instantly assess patient CRF

Decide which data is missing or which forms need your attention, by glancing at the patient sidebar. Each form has an indicator which lets you know where you are with your data entry, what is complete and which forms need your attention.
A history of protocol deviations and adverse events are clearly recorded.



at a glance,
sidebar shows where you are up to 
with data entry


No investment in hardware or infrastructure 

All you need is a computer with a browser. There is no software to install, no hardware to deploy and no worries about backups.

Use your existing hospital computers and tablets



Monitor the vital signs of your study
through your dashboard.



One stop shop

You can randomise and enter patient CRF’s from the same system, depending on your user access. 

With your data dictionary integrated into the software you can click on the button next to a question and see what needs to be collected for that data point. Goodbye heavy manuals!


Goodbye paperwork

Throw away your paper forms, save time and minimise errors.
Spinnaker is so friendly and intuitive that you will be able to collect your daily data off the bedside charts in the unit or ward area and enter directly into the software. You reduce transcribe errors and eradicate any backlog. 







instantly see whats been
missed or overlooked in the
daily data report